Located in the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel tbilisi, Umami is an Asian fusion restaurant that combines a modernized Asian style with a contemporary minimalism approach. The interior has a warm yet serene, atmosphere evoking a sense of harmony from within. Wooden floors along with hand crafted wooden wall panels are perfectly balanced with custom designed pieces from Rooms like the “in-Line” console made of brass and marble and geometrical metal room dividers. Designed with a minimalist aesthetic of simple lines and clean surfaces the space is complimented by the use of polished brass for the furniture pieces and other decorative details that emanate a subtle luxuriousness without overwhelming the senses.

Rooms focused on Asian culture and modernist origins to create the striking open kitchen Umami restaurant. With a subtle palette of blues and the rich, earth-toned selection of materials and fabrics seen in the soft furnishings, it is the ideal place to have a sensory experience and is a great escape from mayhem of the city into the serenity of Zen.

Designed by Rooms | 2015