Kharcho Restaurant is dramatic, moody and surprisingly heroic.


Inspired by the bravery of our ‘Viking-like “ancestors we wanted to create a daring design that has a monumental, heroic feel to it. We pay homage to authenticity of Georgian culture but add a modern twist to it. The mix of archaic and modern is a dominant feel of the whole space.  Simple lines are juxtaposed with rich textures of natural clay, black wood and polished brass. Most of the objects used in the interior carry the similar idea of mixing authentic with new and modern – such as Taurus Chair, Pomegranate chairs and mirrored rug sofa (custom-made furniture by Rooms). The monumental clay chandeliers, created by Maarten Baas underline the same character.  Delicate wall color compliments the dark wooden panels and contradicts the overall dark hues of the space, and comes in synchronicity with the restaurant soundtrack– that of Georgian folk songs and mesmerizing film scores. Carefully curated old black and white photographs are mixed with contemporary photos that are hanged in rigid metal frames is such a chaotic line that they resemble one’s stream of consciousness. The overall feel of the space completely transforms you in time and space, far away from the outside world creating a deep meditative experience.


Conceptually, we had to be very careful in approaching our heritage. Taking traditional Georgian style and turning it into a modern aesthetic while preserving its soul was a biggest challenge. We wanted to create a work of depth that tells a story rather than creating mere Props.


Designed by Rooms | 2017