Serving a vast selection of rare and exquisite Georgian wines, Buvette is a space to indulge your taste buds into chic yet comfortable surroundings. This American style brasserie is a fusion of styles with a contemporary twist.  Inspired by 50’s furniture forms and color hues the space has a restrained and detail oriented aesthetic with a touch of art deco feel to it. The color tones used throughout are warm and inviting - mahogany, warm greys and earthy browns all combine beautifully, adding a depth and richness to the overall design. Colors blend well with lots of natural textures such as the wood, marble, polished brass as well as the leather covered barstools and sofas. Juxtaposition of the warm hues with the custom-made brass details minimal lights  and oversized metal structured mirror frames add industrial feel to the space. Embracing the modernist elegance, we tried to create a timeless interior.  Our custom made refined - brass frames and wine shells help complete the final look. We brought back the iconic 80’s Costes easy chairs by Philippe Starck, which with its strong character and a large quantity became the dominant figure in the design.  These chairs are perfect examples of intelligence of usefulness and of fusing classic, minimal and elegant design.

 The task before us was to integrate a brasserie - thelight and airy dining area, classical bar and an elaborated wine cellar room into one space. With the use of glass dividers and the layout of the repeated furniture, we broke the space up and yet maintained the sense of calmness and order. We managed to turn this huge space with the high ceilings into a cozy and intimate dining experience.  Use of unpretentious décor helped us to achieve the mixture of simplicity and richness. Close attention to details is the strongest point that underlines the quality of the elegance of the space.

Designed by Rooms | 2017