Located on the main Avenue of Tbilisi’s shopping destination Atrio, offers an exclusive selection of High End international shoe and accessories brands in this newly opened flagship store.

This interior reinterprets the classical luxury with a delicate, smart and simple design and offers a cohesive model of both traditional and modern sophistication. Clever material choices allowed Rooms to paint an incredibly refined yet modern universe, with high attention to detail and the unusual combination of custom made design object, such as the marble framed mirror, that acts like an imitation of a conventional Easel, pastel pink sofa that looks like an unfinished 3d rendering of the piece itself and mirror clad “invisible armchairs“ that vanish into the surroundings.


The use of textures, from steel and wood to more smooth polished brass and marble, adds depth to the space whilst not detracting from the items on sale, which are truly showcased against the pure white walls on striking geometrical iron and wood shelves at the front and wooden cabinets at the back of the boutique. The fittings add to the flow of the space and sense of clean symmetry. Like a gallery, the shelves are sculptural and striking - impressive pieces in themselves. Custom-design wallpaper on the back of the store, depicting tropical foliage and flowers, blends flawlessly with Olive green velvet curtains draped from the rails. Meanwhile, the pastel pink and dark green fabrics seen in the soft furnishings, provide warmth and tactility to the space while, lots of greenery adds a modern twist to it all.

Atrio design feels fresh and exciting but carries high fashion fundamentals at the same time, creating a very special experience indeed.


Designed by Rooms | 2015