ROOMS designed a modern jungle experience for Anouki Fashion House on Tarkhnishvili Street in Tbilisi.

If you look at the shop windows from the street, it seems like a deep jungle catching your eye amongst the concrete buildings surrounding it. Bright, colorful clothes hanging along the plants create a wild but fun ambience - “We wanted to create something fascinating and odd”, states the Duo, “we avoided the conventional concept for the window display and by using lots of plants and greenery - we created something distinctive and unique”.

Use of different materials in the shop itself, have transformed the space into a modern, luxury boutique that caters for local fashionistas.  The main inspiration was simple and plain shapes, using geometrical installations made of different materials. Marble geometric shapes mixed with minimalistic black metallic constructions and brass shelves are used as the main displays objects throughout the shop along with repeated mirrors on the walls that reflect black metallic installations and marble shapes. Custom made terrazzo floor with refined brass details and quirky maze design adds to the playful but yet refined ambience of the space. The theme of playfulness and humor continues in the Private Room where iconic wallpaper of the erotic drawings by Louise Bourgoin created by Pierre Fray is displayed.

Use of 60’s inspired dark hues of greens and plumb colors at the far end of the boutique create a vivid contrast with the modern minimalist display objects.  Green origami inspired velvet curtains at the changing rooms, complimented with custom made wooden coffee table and purple sofa along with   striking “Brilli” Chandelier designed by Jacopo Foggini are a perfect finishing touches and aid the feeling of understated luxury.


The clothes on black metallic tubes appear as inseparable part of the interior. Soft lighting that falls on concrete columns and reflect the shadows from plants and brass shelves adds yet another layer of diversity of textures and materials in space. "The interior should evoke an emotion, in the same way as a good movie or a painting does. It should be memorable and carry a particular mood" - says the duo behind the Rooms. 

Designed by Rooms | 2015