tsartsera 2016

Main inspiration for this collection comes from the desire to go “back to the roots”. This phrase can be interpreted on multiple levels. On the existential level, we go back to the state of beginning  to the “state of emergency”. In such a hectic world, the feeling of being grounded and “ one with the nature” is the most precious one, this is what we want to bring back to the products, by using the most basic and natural building materials - stone, wood, brass and brass.

On a cultural level, we return and base our collection on the primitive wood-curving techniques of our ancestors, everything is done, as it used to be centuries ago. Inspired by ethnic Georgian Furniture all our wooden elements are hand crafted in a very traditionally simplistic and primitive way. Yet, we add a modern twist and hint of humor to the collection as well - a stairway that leads nowhere, unrefined stone drawer attached to the wooden console etc.

The final look of the collection is defined by the fusion of different materials, the way different shapes are mixed to create a single object. The theme of “primitivity” continues into the finishings as well. We want the products to feel unaffected or little affected by modern technologies. They look more sculptural and would be considered to be art pieces.


Because of its hand curved technique, this is a limited edition collection. Very symbolic shapes make our pieces iconic. The collection consists of 7 individual handcrafted sculpture pieces: Stone drawer console, round staircase table, 2 modular coffee tables, 2 lovers armchairs and a Taurus chair.