Following our previous collection “Wild Minimalism”, we continue to explore the desire to go “back to the Roots” and draw some inspiration from the ethnic Georgian furniture and the architectural forms of the Soviet era.


The phrase - “back to the roots” can be interpreted on multiple levels. On the existential level, we go back to the state of beginning “state of emergency”.  Nowadays, the feeling of being grounded and “one with the nature” - is the most precious one, which we wanted to portray by using the most basic and natural building materials - stone, wood and brass.


All our wooden pieces are hand crafted in a very traditional –simplistic and primitive way from the wood that is more than 100 years old creating a mix of archaic and modern / wild and minimal.



With “Wild Minimalism” – we wanted to create something very simple but wild at the same time. It’s a juxtaposition of words that works really well for this collection. Usually, when you think of the word minimalism - something very clinically clean and minimal pops into your head. In our case we wanted to come up with the new direction, we wanted to create something that is minimalistic but grandly wild at the same time.