life on earth Coffee table

The table makes a bold and unique statement with its simple shape and sophisticated, finely-considered details. Playing with basic geometric forms and solidity of the organic rock, the table highlights the art of balance. The juxtaposition between the organic elliptical tabletop and semi-circular base gives the Homestone table a sculptural aesthetic.

Diabase is a subvolcanic rock, famous for its extremely solid and durable qualities. British explorers, who named it  “Homestone”,  discovered  the Georgian Diabase in  Khazbegi mountainous region. Georgian Diabase is unique for its distinct green color and golden veins. Homestone is widely used in jewelry. Like all natural rocks, the Homestone carries healing energies.

Legend has it, that Homestone rock brings luck and success to the people who own it.

Photos by: Guram Kapanadze, Mattia Iotti 
Designed by Rooms | 2018
Materials: Diabase Stone